Visualizing My Experience

It was the very first week when I entered Amal Academy with both excitement and nervousness. The first week and here comes the first online course that was about knowing yourself. It was for the first time when I started putting a conscious effort to know who I was. It was difficult but it was like entering a Maze or kind of starting a new adventurous journey. I felt that there were lots of parts of my personality that were yet to be discovered.

The next step was to look into my personality and explore my strengths. Things that make my personality look attractive. The areas where I am best. It made me learn that there are lots of good traits I possess which I overlook and I was happy and grateful to have them.

Life is about balance, so a personality has. Strengths accompanied by weaknesses as well. While Amal made me reflect on my strengths it also introduced me to the weaknesses on which I had to work. It was difficult as we being humans mostly try to overlook our weaknesses. I learned to err is human. I learned we are ever-evolving. I learned imperfections are beautiful they shape us in a more amazing way.

For the first time in my life, I made a life map, which took me ages to make. I had never thought about connecting the dots backward that lead me in awe. I was surprised, I felt like I was getting so many answers of what happened why, and why it was necessary to happen to me. I was happy to see most of my life events lined in front of me on a piece of paper. I genuinely thought about making future decisions that will impact not only my life but also the life of those around me.

Here I had to stop and think about what’s the purpose of my life. Why am I part of this universe, this mesmerizing human race, this particular country, this particular family? I learned here the art of questioning things and finding reasoning, logic, emotions, thoughts, and a lot more things beneath the surface. Amal here taught me reflection. Finding answers and observation on each and every aspect of life.

I learned how to live a life of immersion. How to inspire and get inspired.How to absorb energies and how to respond to the frequencies matching one’s personal frequency. How to develop bonds and how to make this Earth a better place to live for others showing gratitude, love, and encouragement of peace.

Then it was time to step out of oneself and communicate with people around. Yes, you are right my Amal fellows. Dealing with misunderstandings, issues of others, resolving conflicts, supporting others, and definitely living like a family. Accepting and appreciating each other. This journey taught me patience, stepping in other people’s shoes. Living life from the perspective of those around you.

This is me after the first two weeks’ journey. I started growing. I saw a clear change in myself. I caught myself observing, questioning, learning more often. I found myself growing. My life started changing for good. I started noticing myself as more confident, more grateful, and more energetic. I was filled with the energy from the inside and motivation and support from the outside that made my journey a really exciting one.

Thank you Amal! You have surely transformed me. :)

She turned her can’t into can and her dreams into plans.